Points of view

Guy to girl:

– “I am not a pervert, I just have sex with hot chicks who want to sleep with me!”

– “How many in a week?”

– “…many”.

Last minute date

Guy to girl, over the phone.

– “I want to see you… What you up to tonight?”

– “It’s 11.30pm, ‘tonight’ is almost gone”

– “What you up to tomorrow very very early morning?”

It’s still a compliment

Guy to girl

– “I could stare at it for hours

– “(He’s not talking about my face)”


“After have made love, Brigitte asks me if I keep a personal diary. I say I don’t. She does. I ask her whether she is going to write about our night. Might be – she replies, with the typical shyness of girls who, once admitted the essential, think they can keep a secret by skimping on the details. Of course you are, I thought, that’s exactly the reason why I do not keep any personal diary.”

(Daniel Pennac – Diary of a body)


Girl to guy, in bed, at night.

– “I’m so hungry now… Havent eaten since lunch.”
– “I just gave you supper.”

Blue eyes

Oh I’ve been watching
How you behave
Not much like a lover
More like a slave.

Turning back time

Girl to boy, in a car


– “What would you do if you could turn back time?”

– “I’d like to be 18 again and have my first time with you”